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I hear lots of static on my XLINK

Static is caused by radio interference with the Bluetooth connection between the cell phone and the XLink. This is usually caused by Interference from other devices that also operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Also, every single cell phone model has different Bluetooth performance.

Also, static can be caused by extreme noise on the power line. Changing plugs can help.

There is very rarely a defect in the XLink.

This issue is always resolvable by spending a little bit of time on the setup and location of things.

Android users should check here to ensure that their Bluetooth volume is set correctly.

Here are the top things to try:

  1. Keep your XLink and cell phone as far away as possible from your WIFI router.
  2. Do not put your XLink right next to other WIFI devices such as a laptop, security camera, baby monitors, etc...
  3. Avoid using 2.4 GHz cordless phones. Some 5.8 GHz cordless phones are actually 2.4 GHz in one direction. If your telephones are 2.4 GHz cordless phones you can usually still use them but just do not place them right next to the XLink. The length of the telephone cord between them is usually enough.
  4. Keep the cell phone close to the xlink. Bluetooth is a short range wireless protocol. The audio quality will drop as the distance between two bluetooth devices increases. We recommend that the cell phone should not be placed further than 10 feet from the xlink. For certain cell phones that have low power class 3 Bluetooth, the cell phone will need to be right next to the XLINK. This is a variable off the cell phone and not the XLink.
  5. Try a new location for the XLink. There are lots of high voltage wires in your walls and other out of sight things that can affect the Bluetooth ability to communicate with the cell phone. Moving the unit to the other side of the counter or room is something to try. Something as simple as changing plugs can make a big difference.
  6. We have had reports that neon or fluorescent lights on the same circuit can cause excessive noise. Try changing plugs or locations.
  7. Upgrade your xlink to the newest software. The new software fixes certain cellphone audio issues.
  8. Unexpected things can improve your cell phone's Blueooth connection. Some flip phones work much better when they are open. Certain cell phones work better standing up. Try Adjusting your cell phone position and orientation.
  9. If the static is only there sometimes, then look for things that are not on all the time but might be interfering with the Bluetooth. A microwave or even a fridge in the right position and on the same power circuit can cause static when it is in use.

The following comments have come directly from customers who told us what solved their interference issues:

  • Bluetooth and other wireless keyboards can cause problems. Distance between the two devices solved it.
  • One particular cell phone worked perfectly when the WIFI on the cell phone was turned off. While not a good long term solution it helpep to isolate the issue which in this case was that particular cell phone model which could not do Bluetooth and WIFI at the same time.
  • I'm talking about two types of lights - A 24 inches neon lamp over my sink and a fluorescent installed in a table lamp - When I shutted them off, my girlfriend told me that the communication between us was better - It was very close, say 3 feet from the BT - Maybe on the same electrical circuit
  • There were very occasional problems with lots of static and voice cutting out in the middle of a call.

    Finally I connected these occasional (seemingly random) events with my wife using the microwave oven. While I happen to be on the phone at the same moment. This is a brand new best quality Panasonic microwave. So I expect it meets Fed safety specs for microwave containment. The microwave oven is in the kitchen where the X-Link is located. About 4 to 5 feet away from each other.

    This was a mystery issue that took me months to notice / realize the connection.

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