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XLink Software

XLink products bought directly from Xtreme Technologies always have the latest software and currently include complementary software upgrades.

The latest software versions are:
- Software Version: 158
- Radio Version: 130

To update your unit use the free XWixard Update and Configuration Tool.

To check what software is in your XLink you can use the XWixard Update and Configuration Tool or simply run the Ring Test.

Some information is provided below on significant upgrades that have occured.

  • Jan 7 2019 - Radio v0130: Updates to support Moto cell phone Bluetooth audio issues (particularly Moto G5).

  • Sep 28 2018 - Software v0156: Full iOS WIFI Calling capability. Modern Voice Transfer.

  • Nov 8 2017 - Software v0155: Addresses some analog phone line and telephone issues.

  • Mar 17 2017 - Software v0154: New cell phone updates. Improvements to DTMF detection.

  • May 18 2016 - Software v0153: Cell phone compatibility updates.

  • Jan 25 2016 - Software v0152: Antique telephone support control codes. BTTN land line message waiting enhancement.

  • Jan 24 2016 - Software v0151: iPhone 6 special update.

  • Aug 29 2015 - Software v0150: Special support added for antique telephones.

  • Dec 14 2014 - Software v0149: Sweden and New Zealand pulse dialing formats (different than North America).

  • Jul 12 2014 - Software v0148: France configuration update. Supports high frequency ringing.

  • Sep 28 2013 - Software v0147: Immediate access to cell phone's voice dialing capabilities by doing a hook flash (dialing ## still works). This feature was added to better support antique pulse only telephones.

  • Aug 23 2013 - Radio v0127: Added more robust detection of Windows 8 phones that do not properly implement Bluetooth, resulting in no audio

  • Aug 5 2013 - Radio v0126: More support for cell phones that do not properly implement Bluetooth HFP 1.6 audio commands, again resulting in no audio

  • Jun 8 2013 - Radio v0124: Another case of no audio being present has been worked around. This one had to do with cell phones not properly implementing Bluetooth HFP 1.6. In particular Motorola WX416, but this most likely applies to other cell phones as well.

  • Mar 9 2013 - Radio v0123: Outoing call audio missing on Droid2 CDMA cell phones and some others. A serious of events and certain bugs in the cell phone Bluetooth implementation would cause audio to not be present on outgoing calls. The audio would not come out the cell phone either. This update detects the situation and forces the cell phone to give the audio to the XLink.

  • Feb 22 2013 - Software v0142: Volume Adjustments. Recently some combinations of cell phone and cordless phones have become louder, resulting in poor audio quality or distortion. This update allows for fine tuning of the audio in both directions. See this article for details.

  • Feb 8 2013 - Radio v0122: HTC and Samsung connecting issue when phone comes into range when connected to a carkit or similar device. This would cause reconnecting issues and/or difficulties answer phone calls.

  • Jan 31 2013 - Radio v0121: Fix an issue which would cause the XLink to stop responding when invalid caller ID information was received from some cell phones, in particular Blackberry. If you found yourself sometimes having to reset your XLink, this will fix it

  • Jan 19 2012 - Software v0141: Special update to improve usability when coming into XLink range while on an active call. The XLink will try to detect that you are on an active call and prevent your cell phone from automatically transferring the call. This will allow you to keep talking on your cell phone until you want to switch to the XLink. You can switch by picking up a house phone and dialing *#

  • Dec 8 2012 - Software v0138: Landline caller ID update for Canada and Europe

  • Nov 30 2012 - Radio v0119: Windows 8 Cell Phone Update. This works around what appears to be a bug in Windows 8 Cell Phones

  • Aug 3 2012 - Radio v0118: Code added to get the name caller ID from Blackberry more often