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Windows 8/10 and 64 bit Hardware

Older (very old) XLink hardware does not work with Windows 8 or Windows 64 bit systems.

The original XLink was designed years before Windows 8 was created by Microsoft. With Windows 8 and 64 bit hardware platforms we were required to implement a number of hardware and USB driver changes so that the XLink would work with Windows 8 and other Windows 64 bit platforms.

All new XLinks sold since 2013 through Xtreme or authorized channels are updated in this way. However if you bought your XLink many years ago there is a good chance it will not work with the latest Windows versions.

There is no outwardly visible way to tell if the XLink hardware you purchased will work with Windows 8. Hoever if you install the XWizard Update and Configuration Software. and your box does not connect and the XWizard stays at this screen then that is a good sign that your XLink is unfortunately too old to work with the new Windows versions.

There are two options:

  1. Use a computer running an older version of Windows on 32 bit hardware to update and maintain your XLink
  2. Order a new XLink. It will be compatible with the latest versions of Windows./li>

There is one method to determine for sure whether or not your XLink is compatible or not. This is somewhat complicated and not recommended for the average user. But if you are familiar with the Windows Device Manager you can check this. Note that how to access the Device Manager is different with every version of Windows, so please use google to figure out how to do it if you do not know.

  1. Connect your XLink to the computer with a USB cable

  2. Go to the Windows Device Manager and look under Universal Serial Bus Controllers for either "USBXpress Device" or "XLink Gateway"

  3. Right click and choose Properties

  4. Select the Details tab, choose Hardware Ids, and then look at the green circled Pid value

      If the Pid value is 'ea61' then this unit has been upgraded for Windows 8 and Windows 64 bit compatibility.

      If the Pid value is '8227' then this is an older unit that predates Windows 8 and Windows 64 bit compatibility.

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